The Sell With Swell 101 Agent Development Program (SWS101) is designed to give newly licensed agents the right tools and training to help jump start their new career in real estate. Going to real estate school and obtaining a license is purely not enough to increase your success rate selling real estate; and therefore Swell leadership designed the following dynamic program that takes the agent from the early fundamentals all the way to strategic training sessions on how to best market their business in today’s world. SWS101 also incorporates shadowing activities so the new agent can experience real world scenarios behind senior level agents. 

Instructions: In order to successfully complete and graduate from SWS101, the newly licensed agent will go through sets of activities and have management and/or senior level agent initial each task acknowledging the assignment has been completed.

Commission Adjustment: Upon successful completion of SWS101, the agent qualifies for the standard agent sales commission plan, which is 100% commission less a $299 transaction fee per deal. This standard commission plan is also honored on any transactions that occur during the training program so long as the agent paid the registration fee (below). *new agents directly out of licensing school who waive SWS101 are placed on an 80/20 commission split (+ $399 transaction fee per deal) on the agent’s initial 6 transactions with company

Cost: $750.00 due upfront (*payment plan option of $300.00/mo for 3 months)