Richard Vosler - REALTOR®


swell real estate co.

810 Kempsville Rd, #4 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

As a Swell agent, Richard provides strategic services to his clients across the Virginia Beach area, and then some. As he builds his business, he makes sure that is specifically built on trust, communication, and dedication, while also being able to cater to each of his client’s needs. His hard work, passion, and charisma for his business helps to show his professionalism as well as having your homebuying go as smooth as possible. Richard has a background in hospitality, carpentry, renovations, as well as painting, that can help to ease client’s minds with questions they may have, in what can be considered a stressful time. With this knowledge, he can lay out multiple options that will give him an advantage to make sure he finds exactly what is required by you! Although living in New Jersey is quite different than this area, he thought that this would be a great experience to change people’s lives for the better. In a fast market, such as this, Richard feels as if he can make a difference for his clients, especially the military families that surround the area. Coming from a large family of eight siblings, and being the oldest boy, Richard has learned many things about patience and how to accommodate to other’s needs. Not only with his siblings, but the many different pets he grew up with, taught him responsibility as well as how to be accountable. He is very family oriented and understands the needs in housing that come with families large and small. Consistently working with the public helped Richard succeed in many aspects of his life. Richard wont only make sure that what his clients need, is at top priority, but will also make clients feel comfortable and make this experience enjoyable. He constantly tells his clients that he wants them to be empowered by the facts, and his educational approach allows them to be the author of their own book. This approach never fails to give his clients the calming sense, that they, in fact get to choose how they write their next chapter in life! Richard will treat you genuinely and as a friend. As well as being consistent in checking back with his clients, making sure they are completely satisfied. Richard expects his business to be built with dedication as well as supporting the idea of one company with endless possibilities. He is excited to help you in this amazing journey and help to guide you to the home of your dreams.