Mission Statement

We will continually and steadfastly strive to be a company that

  • ABOVE ALL ELSE will TREAT OTHERS, both our clients, our fellow agents and our fellow team members HOW WE WANT TO BE TREATED.
  • WE WILL BE SERVANT LEADERS TO OUR CLIENTS. We will lead our clients when necessary and always with an attitude of humility. BUT WE WILL LISTEN MORE THAN WE SPEAK.
  • WE WILL NOT BE CONCEITED WHEN WE HAVE SUCCESS but rather we will have a heart of thankfulness and appreciation when success has been achieved.
  • WE WILL HAVE THE SELF AWARENESS TO IMPROVE UPON OUR WEAKNESSES and to welcome the lessons that can be taken from adversity.
  • WE WILL GO ABOUT OUR BUSINESS WITH PASSION AND INTEGRITY. We will be energetic and fully embrace the hard work that is needed in achieving whatever goal has been set.
  • REAL ESTATE IS A TEAM SPORT with all of the different groups of people that we have to work with to successfully close a deal.

*Barry's version of Tony Bennett's 5 Pillars for UVA Basketball